Golden Gallaber and The David Bellamy Conservation Award

At Gallaber Park we are proud of the environment we have been able to create for our guests, regardless of whether the guest is human or from the animal kingdom.  We are committed to not just maintaining the splendid range of habitats we have created, but also to improving them and as such we are members of the David Bellamy conservation award scheme for caravan parks. The scheme encourages the development of habitats for wildlife, the responsible use of resources and the education of guests (for more info visit

To develop the site’s habitats, we have planted large areas of woodland using native species, which attracts a large number of bird species as well as an array of insects and mammals. The gardens and hedges we have created help song birds and small mammals move around the park in more safety as they can dip inside a bush for cover from birds of prey and the like. This helps encourage the wildlife to move around the park so that it is right on your doorstep.

To help you use resources responsibly, we provide an excellent recycling facility on site so that you can do your bit by recycling where possible. We have installed sensors in the touring park bathrooms to turn on the lights, as well as taps that turn themselves off. Both these measures help reduce the waste of water and energy, because who can honestly say that from time to time they don’t forget to turn off a tap, or flick off a light.  

We are pleased to be able to tell you that we have achieved a Gold award! We continue to make changes to the park and we have planted more flowering plants to help encourage more butterflies and bees onto the site and will be introducing lavender this spring on the advice of the Award’s advisors. We have sown an area of wildflower meadow which comes into full bloom each summer and with it a whole host of new species have made the Park their home. Our guests helped in the establishment of the meadow in its first year by getting involved in our scarecrow competition. The scarecrows’ you made did their job of keeping the birds from the seed and so the seedlings grew and now, two years later, the meadow is fully established. We have also recently renovated the wildlife pond to make it both safer for guests and more attractive for wildlife.

To help educate our guests we have come up with three Children's Challenges to help get children interested in conservation and have put up a few information boards around the Park to explain various habitats and how we manage them.

We hope to keep improving the park more and more over the coming years, and with the help of the David Bellamy conservation award scheme advisors, we hope to make it as good as we can for holiday makers, as well as wildlife and the environment.